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Re: Sansa Clip+ Firmware Update 01.02.18

You don't need the updater.  Don't bother with it.


In the post that starts this thread, follow the Manual Install instructions, which are roughtly:  Download the latest firmware (look for an All Regions link), which is a .zip file. Unzip it. On the Sansa go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode, write down which mode you had it in and change it to MSC.


Open Computer (otherwise known as Windows Explorer) and connect the Sansa to the computer. Drag the files you unzipped directly onto the driveletter for the Clip. Disconnect it (by taking the connector out of the Sansa first, not the computer) and it will update.Change the USB Mode back to what you had before.


The updater tries to contact Sandisk every time you boot up to see if there's an update. All that does is slow down your startup.  If you're really worried about missing an update, check in here every now and then--but as you can see from the initial post, there hasn't been a firmware update since August 2012, which means it's pretty unlikely there will be another.

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