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128gb SDXC micro sd problem! Help me find out what happened to it please!
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Hi all, I'm new to the forums.


I'll thoroughly go over what happened so someone will hopefully catch on some detail and tell me what mistake I made or what's wrong with my sd card now. Please bear with me and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this, and/or respond.


About 2 weeks ago I purchased a Sandisk 128gb SDXC Class 10/UHS-1 micro sd for my windows tablet from eBay. When it arrived I inserted it to my device and transfered all non-program files to it (Music, Videos, Documents, Pictures, Folders) in order to save space on my tablet. I also set the micro sd to be the default location for downloads, pics, videos, etc. It all worked perfectly as expected.


A few days ago, on a relative's connection, I was downloading music, surfing the web and what not. Then I wanted to download a game OST, and since I did not have winrar installed, I went ahead and installed it. Naturally, it was saved in my downloads' folder (in the sd), and installed to my tablet. I went ahead and downloaded the OST (The site I got it from was safe, and this wasn't piracy so no problems there.)


Well, here's the hard part; after the download finished, I opened the rar file and I wasn't able to view it, there was only an error message inside, no files. Tried to extract anyway.. nothing. Downloaded it a second time, this time extracted to my tablet, and still nothing. Third try; I download to my tablet, Now I could see the files in the .rar file. So I extract to my tablet aswell, and I transfer the mp3's to my sd. Now I try to play them on XBox Music app, though not all of them work. The ones that dont work gave me a "file format not compatible or corrupted" error message. I tried to play them on Windows Media Player, and it worked better than on the Xbox Music app.


In that moment I thought it was nothing, shrugged it off and let it go.


Then.. I come back home, get curious with it again, and kept trying to play the music files. I think at this point I may have gotten a message for my external storage, to analyze and repair, so I accepted hoping for the best. After it was done, I didn't think much of it so I played my other music I already had.. Well turns out I couldn't because the formats had changed to an unreadable format, along with all other files in my sd. It's a shame 'cause I hadn't backed it up. So I went ahead and deleted them. I think now it may have been related to that repair message.


The next day I found that OST again under my tablet's downloads' folder where I had last placed it after the third try of downloading it. I tried playing it directly from my tablet, and it worked perfectly. I put some other songs on my sd, and it was the same as the day before, sometimes they worked, but mostly errors of file corruption/wrong file format. I pasted the OST to the sd again and it got mostly error messages, though 2 songs worked (on and off with error messages when I tried to play them). So doing this i singled out the possibility that it was the OST the one with the problem, or my Music apps. The problem was with my micro sd.


This is where I'm at today: can't stably play music from my sd, view pictures (it gives me an error of wrong file format), and I'm pretty sure I can't open any other type of file format in a software without risking to get an error message.


I'm sure that if the card were formatted, it will go back to normal. My worry is though that formatting is useless if the same thing will happen again, so I came here for help or advice on what could have happened.




Also, directions on how to format this particular micro sd card are greatly appreciated!


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