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Re: New but now corrupted SD card

Smiley Happy   Hi Inquisitive,


Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.


1-  Please, first of all, clean the pins on the card and the phone slot, with isopropyl alcohol (or common).


2-  Try another SD card in the phone.


3-  Put the SD, in a laptop, directly to its port, with a good adapter (not a card reader).


3-  In Star / My Computer, on the card icon, click the right mouse button, and then click in Properties / Tools / Error Checking and Repair.


4-  If still bad, try formatting with (free): USB Flash SD Formatter 4.00,  http://filecloud.io/jqtu1byc


5-  If there is no joy,  please, do not grieve more, friend, return it, is defective. See link: http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/contact-us/


Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.


Regards, Alfred.                                                            (Google translated)

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