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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

OK, I  got a relatively quick answer from sandisk after my contact by email:

here is the response:

Dear Amin,
..........bla bla bla ....
According to the posted photos in the forum, I am glad to inform you that the card is a genuine SanDisk product.
As I can understand in the beginning card was not working properly as well being recognized as 60MB, however now the issues was resolved. Please let us know if you are facing any further issues with the card so we can assist you further.

Please provide the below information so that we can verify the authenticity of your card and register it for warranty purposes:

- Date of purchase (MM/DD/YYYY)
- Please also provide your phone number (we use this only for follow up on your case should it be needed and do not use it for other purposes)
Please note that the best way to ensure you are purchasing an authentic SanDisk product is to buy from an authorized SanDisk reseller. 
I will register my microsd's and then I think I will be covered by sandisk support if enything goes wrong.
Thank you forum guys, thank you SanDisk
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