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Re: Driver for ImageMate SDDR-89



I have a SanDisk ImageMate 12 in 1 (model number SDDR-89) and a computer running 64 bit Windows 8.1. Windows automatically recognized and installed the card reader. It show up as "ImageMate 12 in 1 Reader/Writer" in Devices and Printers and as four removable disks in Windows Explorer.


However I had initall trouble to get Windows to recognize that the the card reader was connected. I then noticed that if I pressed the male mini USB (type B) connector on the Cable into the female mini USB (type B) connector in the SanDisk ImageMate my laptop would recognize it and automatically install it. No need to install a driver. I ended up removing about 1 mm of the plastic/rubber closest to the metal part of the male mini USB connector on the cable so that I don't have to press the connector against the card reader.


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