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Re: When will the next release of ExpressCache arrive?

@slotmonsta, gls and others,


What about these items not mentioned?


Hope you are reading all the posts, especially the ones with the GUI getting in the way.


The GUI should -


1) Have an option to minimize to the system tray upon boot.

2) Have an option to not start with Windows, but be invoked manually from the start menu..


Also - from wetmap...


"Yea and of course fix the thing where it constantly accesses drives to keep them awake for no reason.

 I'm getting tired of manually stopping the service every night."


and RedCache...


"fix for cache reset coming out of sleep?"


and matt - "don't release until you can fix the system crash/reset after cache drive is full!"


Promises were made to make this release right....


You can still do this.


Please do not post the new revision until these items are corrected!


Please respond as to the above items. Other users comments and Kudos appreciated!





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