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I purchased a Sandisk Ultra micro SDXC 64GB card with adapter a number of months ago to go with my Samsung Note 2.

I didn't havew a reason to use until just this week. So I went ahead and put it into my phone but it wouldn't recognise it. I got a message saying that the disk was blank or had the wrong filesystem.

So I put it into my laptop and I was asked to format it.

This I tried as NTFS, FAT and exFAT both through a Quick Format and a non-Quick Format. Nothing. The Quick Format stopped straight away while the longer format went approx 80% of the way before saying that "Windows was unable to complete the format." It gave the usual check if read-only etc but all was in order.

When I went into Disk Management the microSD Card was only showing Capacity as 31MB (that is MEGA not GIGA), with the File System as RAW and Status as Healthy.

Upon checking Properties the information shows 0 (Zero) bytes for Used and Free Space. 

Is there something that I am missing here or is the card a dud?

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