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Re: 32GB Class 10 Micro SD card - unexpectedly removed in Android

Hi eduncan911and all,


This makes sense and I'am happy to have found an evplanation. I have bought my 32G micro sdhc card in mid Decembre 2012 and about 2 weeks ago it started with the problems about 'unexpected removed by android'. It ended up in drainig the battery of my galaxy s2 drastically until removing the card.


Altough I know how to go on further now, I'm unhappy with this all. Have you ever seen the promotion and the package of the product? Sandisc literally suggest to use it espexially with Android devices. Just look at



I feel dissapointed because this doesn't match at all with the technical workaround described in your post. Or your words are pure nonsense (I don't think so) or Sandisc wants to sell inadequate products for the promotion and description delivered for the product..


Looking around same forums (I did researches for several hours in 4 different languages) I see many users posting the same problem. This topic does tear the reputation od Sandisc.


@ Sandisc

Is there any proactive way to deal this problem from your side or will you just wait for +- 80 % of the users claiming guarantee and never buy your products again? We want a product that fits our need (as promised in promotion)  and a hassle-free change of product.

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