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Re: SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB write protected error


At this point it becomes clear that there is maybe an issue with these SanDisk USB sticks... maybe is a flawed design, maybe a defective batch, it's hard to say.


But, i also want to add that as Linux user i 'dislike' Windows as much as Ed... and, surprise surprise, i had 2 o 2 SanDisk that became "permanently protected" (what a bad joke dear Ed)  while using only in Linux.... not Windows fault this time (that also surprised me).

So, now i have to blame an invisible magical rainbow-puking unicorn that goes messing around with the 1% (really?) of Sandisk usb sticks ...  


About the warranty, i wouldn't consider to apply for it,.... because i'll be risking again to win the jackpot with another "instantly write protected" device.


It's a shame because (it must be said) SanDisk had some nice products, and a not so bad return policy... but i specially disliked how was handled this situation, and how impolite where some answers from the SanDisk experts. Given this, i suspect i won't be purchasing any os their products for a long time.


Peace to everyone, and better luck next time for those with their "permanently protected" devices XD



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