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Re: SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB write protected error
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Tapeworm wrote:

@Erlo_D wrote:


It is a Sandisk problem.


Please provide a solution. 


Return the unit to your dealer or contact SanDisk directly via the link provided above for a warranty replacement.


@Phobosromulus wrote:
That's not a suggestion. That's just prolonging a problem that you SanDisk needs to actually fix.


If it is indeed a SanDisk problem, a bad batch of drives, something inherently wrong in the drives themselves, etc. and no one has figured out how to "fix" it, what other choice is there?


The best way to make sure SanDisk is aware of the problem and hopefully do something about it is to return the item. They, like all other manufacturers of products, monitor their returns closely. When those returns exceed a certain percentage of sales, they wake up and say. "Hey, we've got a problem here; we need to do something about it!"


Voicing one's dissatisfaction on this forum makes one feel good, but corporations tend to listen to their "figures" more than individuals. If they're hit with X amount of returned drives from various dealers and retailers around the world, they're going to pay more attention to that than whatever a few people could say here.

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