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Re: Overdrive Media Console - updated Fuze firmware and can no longer download audiobooks

My experience is you can't set the clock manually.  While online, hook up the Fuze and transfer something meaningless (any random non-DRM file) to it using *Windows Media Player*.  This seems to set the internal clock (but you must be *online* while you do it - it updates the clock from the internet).


I've noticed the Fuze is particularly sensitive to getting the clock reset for some reason (For some reason, my Clip hasn't had the clock reset nearly as often as the Fuze has).  I don't have "always-on" internet and I've noticed just about every time I open WMP with Fuze attached & no internet connection, it resets the Fuze's clock, resulting in Overdrive "device clock not set" message.  It's a big hassle for me to get the clock reset (to find an internet connection).  What I think is happening: When you open WMP it seems to search for all attached devices and set their internal clock to internet time - and you're out of luck if you don't currently have an active internet connection (I consider this a bug in WMP, but I haven't confirmed it).  I make sure I don't open WMP with any Sansas attached.  Ever.  (Anymore.)  And my Fuze's internal clock has stayed set for going on 6 months now. (It was previously getting reset about every week or two.)


My second thought (actually, probably the initial problem) - Updating firmware resets a lot of stuff back to the defaults.  The Fuze's USB mode was probably set back to the default (Auto-detect, not-so-affectionately known as "auto-defect").  Go into Settings|USB Mode and set it back to MTP so OverDrive can use it, and try again.


Good Luck.


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