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Re: my volume button is broken.
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In case this will be of help to anyone.



Further to Clip Volume Button breakage. Not having any satisfaction from Sansa, I decided to attempt my own repair. There is a very nice example with pics elsewhere in this forum, ('Things to do to your clip when it's dead') but it is hard to find since the posting title does not reference volume or button, so I will post my own example here. This is a very difficult job to do for a number of reasons, unless you are an expert at this sort of work. It is all so very tiny! The heat has to be just right in order not to damage any components or the board. Also, you have to have a very very fine tip. I custom made an adaptor tip to fit to my soldering iron. I used a 500 watt lamp up close for light, tweezers, and two stacked magnifying glasses! And you have to have a very steady hand.


All contacts have to be cleaned and a thin coat of clean solder applied before final assembly. After two hours of work, I got it all put back together and it worked! Yaaay! Here are before and after pics. The arrow on the left is the up volume switch. In the Before pic, you can see the switch (which came clean off) sitting loosely just above where it should be, for reference. 



Before Repair


before repair



 After Repair


After Repair



Also, if anyone has a black 8 gig with this specific problem only and can't be bothered to go through all the work or $ to fix, and you will just be throwing it out, you could send it to me... :-) I'll pay postage and I would love to have an 8 gig. (I wouldn't do the repair to send back, there are too many possible complications)

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