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Vmate - Not able to see picture in the TV when Vmate is off

I bought a vmate in singapore for use it india. I have set it to PAL and set up the box. output of the set top box is connected to vmate input and vmate output is connected to Televisions AV2 input. When the vmate is powered on, I see the prompt for inserting memory card. however, when I switch off the vmate, I donot see the pictures from cable set top box in the Television at all. the TV keeps on saying "No Signal". How do I make the vmate give the output to TV ?

just to ensure that there is no problem in the input RCA cable, I interchanged the AV input and output cables. some behaviour happens. this rules out cable problem.

when I disconnect the Vmate and connect the output directly from cable set top box to TV directly, pictures are seen.


Has anybody encountered problem like this ? will need help.

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Re: Vmate - Not able to see picture in the TV when Vmate is off

if the vmate is not on it will not output to the tv. you can only see what is on the tv in that input if the vmate is on. to watch tv while the vmate is off you will need to use a different input.