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V-Mate Unusable and broke my memory stick

I tried to used the v-mate using the very easy instructions but with no success. The remote doesn't fonction very well except the on & off button. The rest of the buttons work sporadically. The battery is good. Beside the fact that I wasn't able to record anything my memory stick became unusable after removing it from the v-mate and I cannot format it anymore using the PSP or my Sony camera. Also it doesn't even work as a card reader when I plug it in the computer using the supplied USB cable and another memory card. Does anyone experience the same problems and were able to get a new remote or even a new v-mate as a replacement.

Thanks for you help.
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Re: V-Mate Unusable and broke my memory stick

Contact SanDisk Technical Support--they should be able to help you with all your V-Mate issues...