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V-Mate Troubles

I just got a V-Mate and am having the following troubles:


1.  I plug in the Video Out and then turn the unit on, without a Card.


2.  On the screen the Menu comes up that says there is no card and to insert one or press OK to continue.  I press OK on the remote and it does nothing.  The Power on/off on the remote does seem to work though as it can turn the unit on or off.  This is problem #1 - Why doesn't the OK button work?


3.  I go ahead and insert a Sandisk SD Card (tried both 1GB and 4GB).  The screen flips for a querter second to a new set of menus but then goes blank and stays that way. 


Can anyone point me to any online FAQ's in support for this device?  I'm registered but could not find anything relevant to the V-Mate at all.  Very frustrating.  I'm thinking maybe I have a bad remote as has been pointed out by others but that does not explain the screen going blank upon card insertion. 


Anyone experience this?  I have not upgraded the firmware or have checked to see whether it needs it.

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Re: V-Mate Troubles

Called support this morning and they said likely a defective remote as they have had problems. This explains problem #1 but not #2. In any case I got an RMA and am going to have Sandisk send me another one. They suggested I do this through Amazon and I balked at that so I'll go through them directly. A bit disappointing of course. My remote did work for the Power on/off button but apparently the other buttons did not seem to register.

I also suggested they have some Sandisk representation here on the Boards as it certainly would help.  You can't have Forums and not manage them.
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