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Unable to erase or format memory card

I recorded a short video using a 2MB micro SD. When I took it to my PDA Zire 72, it saw the microSD card yet there was nothing on it. The microSD card when put into an Insignia MP3 that is supposed to take 2 MB microSD cards says it has to be formated. I am unable to format it on my computer running XP home edition. I am unable to erase it either. Any suggestion?
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Re: Unable to erase or format memory card

Try the following utility when the card is in a reader attached to the computer:   (Copy and Paste into your address bar)

If you scroll down on the page you will see a link to the Primary Download Site.

When you run it, the first drop down box will allow you to choose the proper drive.  It should read the total capacity of the card (around 1.9GB).  Once you choose the card, simply click Start. 

If it does not read the memory card capacity, then the program will not work and the card is defective.