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e200v2 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

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For v2 - The latest version available for download is 03.01.16.

Let me start off by saying that majority of people will be able to update his/her firmware through the Sansa Firmware Updater. There is even a how-to video that explains the process. If for any reason the aforementioned steps do not work for you, then please feel free to continue by trying the more "computer savy" steps, described below.

Version 2 Players Only

First, verify that your e200 is a v2. This can be found by looking on the back plate and on the bottom right, it should say e200 v2. In addition to that, go to Settings > Info, and verify that "Version" starts with V03.
Once this has been verified, go ahead and proceed with the firmware update steps below.

If you do not have a v2, do not upgrade your firmware! This could break your player!


For Windows Users - Connect the Device in any Mode and follow the Update instructions below.

Mac and Linux users can connect their e200 in MSC mode by changing the settings in USB Mode or by following the instructions below.

MSC mode instructions:

  1. Turn off the e200 v2
  2. Put the device in Hold (move Hold button until orange is showing)
  3. Press and hold the Left Button
  4. Plug the 30 pin connector into the device (be sure the USB is plugged into the computer)
  5. Wait for the e200 drive(s) to show up
  6. Follow instructions below and drag files to the e200 drive

Download the firmwares by clicking on the links below. Be sure to select the region you are in for full compatibility.

AMERICAS - 03.01.16a for Americas

EUROPE w/o FM - 03.01.16e for Europe

03.01.16f for Europe

  1. Once downloaded, connect the Sansa e200 v2 to the computer.
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Add the firmware file you just extracted to the root directory of the Sansa e200 v2.
  4. Once its been added, disconnect the device, it will then say that it is upgrading the firmware. It will eventually turn off. Once it turns off, turn it back on, and it should ask you for a language to select. Once the language is chosen, head to Settings > Info and verify that the "Version" is V03.01.16.

Release Notes

This new firmware has various bug fixes, including key fixes listed below. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, the device will turn off. Power on the device to complete the upgrade process.  If the device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 6 seconds to reset the device and then release and press again to restart. 


Bugs Fixed:    

  • Stability = Hanging at Refresh Database with certain ID3 tag genres. 
  • Photo playback = Album art files show up in Photo mode.
  • Audiobooks = Fast forward problem with Overdrive audiobook content.
  • Host interactions = Files renamed in MTP mode does not update on device; Host timeout after MTP format command; Invalid MP3 files showing up after transfer from Apple computers.
  • Localized firmware for US region = FM Scan does not step in 200 kHz increments.
  • Miscellaneous = Screen shows overlapped images after long FM recording.  



  • Increased the number of volume steps to allow lower minimum volume (-15db).
  • Shuffle algorithm is enhanced to retain the shuffled sequence at power off.
  • FM Autoscan algorithm is enhanced to collect valid stations more accurately.
  • Reduced amount of time between track changes when played from a PlaysFromDevice host.
  • Rating value changes are now applied even if device is not Rhapsody enabled.


 Known Issues:

  • Device hangs when corrupted JPG is selected.
  • GoList is cleared after song deletion from the list
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Re: e200 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

Mr Smiley Face,


GOOD NEWS FINALLY! - With 03.01.16a for Americas Shuffle works properly with PLAYLISTS.  If you want to turn unhappy faces to SMILEY FACES, you should add the above to the list of BUG FIXES.  The comment that is made about Shuffle in the list does not state this.


e280v2 - stop telling people they need to use WMP 10 or 11 and screw with syncronization and playlists.  That is total nonsense.


a. Run in MTP mode.

b. Create folder or drag a folder from PC to Sansa.

c. Right-mouse - there you see CREATE PLAYLIST as top option.

d. When done, for good organization and I think no other reason, move it the PLAYLIST folder.


As for the External 4gb Sandisk microcard.  I've only read of the problems with it.  I've not placed any MUSIC files on it but will try it soon (into a folder, doing same as above) hoping for success.


Next, when will the MEDIA CONVERTER do just that without hanging on MOST MEDIA?  Correct that and you guys become Maytag men.  Then, if you have nothing to do, write a users manual.


Thank you,


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Re: e200 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

My e280v2 is not recognized by the computer. As soon as it comes on it moves to "writing, then "connected." The Sansa Updater does not recognize it to update the firmware. Because it is version 2, it does not have the USB mode in settings to move to MSC mode.


The music on it, more than 300 songs, just disappeared. One day they were there; the next, they were gone.


I've scoured the forum to see how to update or reset the player. Turning the hold button, pressing the left button when connecting does not do anything.


Any help for where to look to get the Sansa e280 to update would most appreciated. What I've read here has not worked for me. It worked flawlessly for 3.5 months; then, it's lost the music and no ability to update or add music.

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Re: e200 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions



From your post, if you don't have the USB mode selection option in "Settings", you have the early 3.01.11 firmware; this did not offer the MSC mode.


Files transferred in MTP mode are not visible in MSC mode.  If you manually switch over to the opposite mode, your music will not be visible from the PC side.  Well, as long as you don't use the Format command on the device...


Try connecting your e280 first without changing modes- look under My Computer for the e280 under Other Devices, and under Devices with removable storage...does it show up there?


Then try connecting manually in MSC mode by switching the hold switch on (orange visible), then plug in the device while holding the rewind button down.  If you can find the sansa in this mode, load the 3.01.16 firmware, and that will give you the USB mode option.


Bob  Smiley Wink

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Re: e200 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions



Thank you for your gracious response. You described the firmware number accurately. However, I was unable to do any of the manual switches. I attempted the connection but my computer would not recognize it as removable storage or player or anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled the updater three times, tried to connect, but without success. Because I thought it was toast, I decided to format to see if anything would help.The music did disappear for sure after that, and I knew it was reloadable IF we could get it to update.


Now the news: between last night when I wrote the request and this morning, something happened that I cannot explain.


I turned on the computer this morning, reconnected the Sansa e280, ate breakfast, and came back to take the Sansa off only to see the Sansa Updater in the icon tray. I ran the updater, and the new firmware is on the player. USB mode now appears in the Settings menu. Whatever happened internally is a mystery to me that it would suddenly update.


 I wanted to let you know since you had taken time to suggest a solution.


I'm concerned, however, that I may have a player that is beginning to fail since it chose to enter the mode without any outside assistance. Now, I know it has no life of its own, but it was working one day and not the next.


Again, my thanks.


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Re: e200 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

Is there / will there be 03.01.16P version of this firmware?



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Re: e200v2 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

Dear friends I have a Sansa e250 v2, I want to download videos but I can not get someone can help me or perhaps I need to upgrade the firmware because I have no have a firmware help me please ¡ thanks
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Re: e200v2 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

1. D/L Sandisk Sansa Media Converter smc-4.236 and install on PC.

2. Be sure to also install latest firmware .16


BOTH product versions solve loads of problems.


3. Connect Sansa to PC.

4. Open Media Converter.

5. Select files.

6. Click Convert.


Again, my experience is these updates do their job properly.


BTW: I own an e280v2.


Good Luck,


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It still needs some enhancements

A way to delete videos would be good, a timeout to the screen/backlight when it's charging and not transferring anything (I don't mind the noise made by my pc but I mind the light that my e250 makes while charging overnight Smiley Happy ) and eventually a zoom function for the photos. Anyways, nice improvements, especially the low volume and better FM.
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Re: e200v2 03.01.16 Firmware Download & Instructions

I write from Italy and I know the link just for my pomace E280 without fm radio:
1- EUROPE w/o FM -
2- EUROPE w FM -

thanks Roberto