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Ultra II SDHC for 8mp & HD Video?

  I am buying a SDHC card for my Kodak Z 812 IS. Kodak reps are ZERO help with this and just push their 4 GB class 4. I will be taking HD video and 8mp pictures (2 f/ps). Is an Ultra II card the speed I should have? Is it over kill or too slow?  Why is the Ultra II a class 4 not 6 if it can write at 9mb/s?

   In trying to figure this out I have seen the Ultra II 8GB sold with write speed specs of 9mb/s and also 15 mb/s. The so called "15" pictures have the 15 mb/s written on it as well as 8GB, just like the 16 & 32 pics on the Sandisk site (the 8GB on the site does not show speed). Is a picture not worth a thousand words here? On the Sandisk site the 32GB & 16GB specs are listed with 15 mb/s and the 8GB at 9mb/s. So are these 8GB cards listed with 15mb/s a scam? They are sold on reputable sites.

   Thank you for your help!

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Re: Ultra II SDHC for 8mp & HD Video?

The different Class cards just tell you the minimum that the card should read/write at.  So a Class 4 should have a minimum 4 MB/s transfer rate.  You can find more info on the different Class ratings here:


As for the Ultra II, I am pretty sure SanDisk revamped the speed on the Ultra II, the newer ones are 15 MB/s.  If Kodak recommends a Class 4 card, then I would think either version (the older 9MB/s or newer 15 MB/s) of the Ultra II would work just fine, chances are the camera will not write as fast as the 9 MB/s card can accept.