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Retreive files without formatting

    I'm operating on Dell XP w/built in card reader...was previously able to retreive photos from my SD card (as in last week) but now, I am being prompted to format the card. I know this will erase my remaining photos.
Is there going to be any way to grab these last photos? I have no idea why I was able to do this last week and cannot continue the process today.
I believe my system runs on the FAT32.
Thanks for any info--
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Re: Retreive files without formatting

This is going to be one of those questions that gets answered with a maybe. 

I have formatted a memory card and then run the program that SanDisk supplies with their Extreme cards (RescuePro) and it was able to recover the data.  It will probably depend on if anything is written to the card after being formatted.

But, as with anything, there is no guarantee.