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New design for Ultra cards??

I've recently bought five Ultra II (4GB) Compact Flash cards (US blister packs), online. I already own one of these cards (purchased from a physical store).

Three of the five are of the same design, but the last two have a completely different design - different typeface (including SanDisk logo), and no grey curve as with the previous cards.

I'm aware of the possibility that they could be counterfeit. Having said that, I notice that there is a new logo typeface appearing on the website that matches the one on the 'new' cards. I've read closely the online guides for recognising fake cards, and aside from the 'new' design the cards are identical to the others in shape, markings and quality. I went to register all five cards on the Sandisk website and all went through without a hitch, but then I don't know whether this is a 'surefire' way of telling.

Each of the blister packs were completely identical (no discrepancies whatsoever). The ones that had the different design came with a circular, green sticker that mentioned a special discount promotion relating to Roxio products.

So, if anybody could let me know whether SanDisk have redesigned their cards, that would be great.

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Re: New design for Ultra cards??

sandisk did a brand refresh not too long ago and has since changed all their packaging. if it looks like what is on their website you should be ok.