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looing for pillow speaker


I am the proud owner of a C240 sandisk 1GB MP3 player. One of the reasond I bought this nifty little device is for my wife to play her relaxation music before going to bed. So my queastion is does any one know where I can get a good quality pillow speaker. The one she is using is a $5.00 unit fro Radio Shack. The song skips all around when I use that speaker. The earbuds sound great but she can't go to sleep with them in her ears.

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Re: looing for pillow speaker

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I can't help yopu but I'd like one too.
Did a google search (for Australia only) and this one looks nice and not too expensive.

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Re: looing for pillow speaker

Pillow speaker? As in a speaker inside a pillow? Does that exsist? If so can u link it, case I've never heard of that, and that would be kinda cool
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Re: looing for pillow speaker

One thing you'll need to look out for is whether or not the speaker is powered.  The Sansa players don't push out enough power through the headphone jack to power a speaker very well, this is why the audio will cut in and out. What you'll need to do is find a speaker pillow that takes a 9 volt battery or a few AA's. The batteries should last for quite awhile and will help the sound quality by eliminating the skips.