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Unprotected AAC support

I would be nice to have some of those new DRM free songs on iTunes work with the player.  And maybe and chapter support for AAC along with it.
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Re: Unprotected AAC support

as well as Will the itunes 256kbps AAC-encoded DRM-free files play on e200R series?  
The Best Buy web site still lists AAC/MP4 files as supported on the E200R. 
It is a simple fix to a firmware bug/oversight and we'll have MP4/AAC support (Rhapsody channels are stored as .RAX which is AAC with Helix DRM). 
The only thing missing is being able to properly properly read the MP4/AAC ID3Tag info, and sort/store it properly
...desperately hoping for this feature or my E260R and E280R go back to best buy