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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

0) Am radio ( who listens to Fm anymore?)
1) Lower initial volume step
2) FM and Voice recording as MP3 (not sure of the horsepower of mr. cpu)
3) Turn off OLED when charging
4) Turn on OLED briefly during track changes (option in settings)
5) Make a 4/8GB model when cost effective
6) Play list when synced via MSC: if I create 10 folders with 10 songs in each I want to see 10 groups in the menu.
7) Group/Folder repeat.
Not too much under my tree huh?
8) Auto Shutdown of clip when idle. (i forgot to close my clip a couple of the times after charging)
9) Clip attached from the side. (this way, the clip won't detach when pulling it out without pressing the clip)
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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

1) I wish, in one of your future firmware updates, you include somekind of an power-saving option where the screen and more importantly the almost blinding useless circular light does not turn on during volume changing or skipping tracks -- which is a frequent operation in the gym etc (for which this player is extremely well suited). Otherwise this product rocks!  Atleast there is no need for the circular light.

2) Some kind of smart volume?

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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

[ Edited ]
1)  bookmarks for any file type.. my wife has a zen v plus (2gb). she can make up to 10 bookmarks.. this is a big deal, yet so simple..
2)  enable adding to the on-the-go list when viewing the song list.  and not just while playing song..
3)  display elapsed track time along with total track time, like 00:35/04:23. Remove the progress bar to make room for this configuration.   The option of this display configuration or the current default configuration of progress bar and elapsed track time should be user-selectible in the settings.

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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

Non-repeating shuffle mode where no song repeats until they've all played once.  
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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List


Just joined this forum, although I've been reading here for a while; it's what convinced me to get a Clip in the first place!  Great little product, but since there is opportunity for improvement, here are my suggestions:

1) "Shuffle Play" when "Play All Songs" engaged should be modified to:
        a) when possible, not play songs by either the same album or artist back to back
        b) have a "lookup table" so that previously played songs since the last database refresh are not played more than once, and that the << button allow us to go back to those songs vice spooling up the next random song.   Spooling up the next random song is what the >> should do in that context.  Also make it possible to download the table, including the order of songs played, to the computer - some of these shuffles are playlists I'd like to be able to repeat!

2) Turn off OLED display when Clip is attached to the computer, except when a button is pushed to activate the display timer.  That way, battery charge status can be checked without burning out the screen unnecessarily.

3) Be able to display "time remaining" of a song, or album when "Album Mode" is selected.

4) I note that when both the artist name and song title are too long to fit on the screen, only the artist name scrolls.  Make it that both scroll, or that hitting the "select" button changes which one scrolls.

5) I'd like to echo other folk's requests, such as:

        - gapless playback
        - OGG, FLAC support
        - better on-the-fly playlist creation
        - File/folder browsing
        - Pan/balance
        - FFWD/REW with sound - and adjustable FFWD/REW speed
        - Keep the tracks' play count in the database/tags(?) - like Cowon, Creative, or Zune players

But overall, a superb product!  I look forward to downloading FW 1.01.19 with all these features incorporated!  ;-)

Also, for future products, it might be too much to ask if a Clip could be outfitted with swappable SD microchip capability, but I certainly hope that the improved audio quality of the Clip makes it's way into ALL your players, and that they accommodate micro SD's.


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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

Best player for the price out there right now. if I were to make some requests for features they would be the following:
1: selectable record quality, low or high, A one hour lecture took almost 200mb or thereabouts.
2: an espresso machine attachment.
Seriously though, I have zero complaints and love the product AS-IS. Excellent job updating the firmware to address certain issues, but I would consider the product perfect for the price already.
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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

I agree strongly with the OLED display timeout while sitting idle and charging.
The scrolling text should be faster.  Often, longer title information requres waking up the display.
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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

Display the bands and setting for each band, for the EQ presets (as with the Custom setting).
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Re: Sansa Clip Wish List

folder-based navigation.. as opposed to the artist/album/track now

thank you sandisk for keeping up with all this.. you guys are awesome