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Feature Request - Eyes-Free Shortcuts

I love the Sansa Clip 4GB I've had for a few months now. I frequently use it while I'm running. Because I'm running, I don't want to be holding it up and reading the screen.


It would be fantastic to be able to define key-press shortcuts that quickly hop you from wherever you are to FM radio, or a specific playlist, or the GoList, or to Play All Music, or whatever.


Example: pressing the home button 3 times in rapid succession takes you directly to [user-defined destination].


It would even be a step forward if the shortcuts were pre-defined by SanDisk and not user-definable, so that you'd have an eyes-free, feel-only shortcut to go to FM radio, another to go to the GoList, another to go to Voice, whatever.


The one I have is fine but I'd put down the money on a new one if it had *that.*


All of this reminds me: please never, ever make this a "touch screen" device. Buttons are fine; buttons are proven; buttons work; the button is a beautiful thing. A touch screen device = a device that is all but useless to anyone who wants to use the device in an eyes-free fashion (runners, cyclists, people who don't really enjoy farting around with a little video screen, the seeing-impaired, etc.)