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My "Splash Story"

I'm visiting family in New England and I was on a mission to photograph as many lighthouses as possible.  After scouting an amazing location on Friday I dragged my gear and sleepy husband back before sunrise the following day because I knew the light and water would be perfect. 


I chose a spot on the pier to photograph the actual lighthouse and other "water items".  I was about 20 shots in and I'm not even sure how it happened the "TPLE - Traumatic Photography Life Event".  One minute I'm shooting, the next my 5DMKII & 16-35L Lens are tumbling off the tripod, over the side of the pier and into the over head freezing salt water below.


SPLASH - KERPLUNK - I turn around and all I could manage to squeak out to my husband (looking over the other side of the pier) was "It's Gone" tears or screaming...just total shock and disbelief.


After a few expletive bleeps from him, he runs down the pier - strips down to his underwear and socks and enters the frigid water.  Swims back down to where I was on the pier and dove to retrieve my gear. 


After total submersion in cold salty water for close to 20 mins my gear is shot and SanDisk Extreme Pro card - TOTAL PERFECTION!  I was able to retrieve all of my shots (thank goodness because I'm going to need to sell some of the shots to cover what insurance doesn't).


So there it is and I have the photos to remember it SPLASH story and a shot from that morning that was saved by SanDisk (and my fearless Husband)!