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Memorial Weekend 2012

We went camping this past Memorial Weekend at one of our favorite lakes in Kansas. I took my Kodak Playsport ZX5 out with me in the water. It is of course an awesome waterproof camera that i just love!! Unfortunately it never occured to me that horseplaying with it secured around my wrist in the water, (while safe in every other way) that one of the doors on it would get bumped and pop open making it no longer waterproof!! So the memory card slot door came open and the camera was full of water!! While my playsport is trying to dry out and recouperate i plugged my SD card into the computer a few days later and ALL of my images were still intact!! Was sad to not have my camera for the rest of the weekend but very glad that at least the first day and a half of our memories are with us!! I have alread purchased my new Playsport for future adventures but will be sure to secure the doors better on it in the future!! Thanks a million SanDisk for making such great gear!!