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It all comes out in the wash

Yes, the sandisk is waterproof as I found out last week.  My sandisk did indeed go into my washer by error and I was suprised when I found it is waterproof.  The tears stopped when I inserted it into my computer just to see what happened and lo and behold the files were all there!  


The attached photo is not my best picture, but it is one of my all-time favorite shots taken from on board the Block Island Ferry in  in Galilee, Rhode Island.  I was devastated when I thought I had lost it.


Kudos to SanDisk Corporation.



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Re: It all comes out in the wash

The fog must've been exceptionally heavy that day . . . I can't see a thing!


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Re: It all comes out in the wash

That is good to know it's waterproof.   No need to panic if you drop it in water