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Camera Underwater for over two years... With Pictures....

Went for a water hunt the other day with my metal detector... Got down to the beach, and found myself out about chest deep. Got a few coins on the way out and a small musket ball... Then a big hit, thought for sure it was a can, but this time in the scoop, was a Cannon Camera....lololol.... I was kinda close to one of the guys, so I told him to stop and look at the camera so I could take his picture.... Anyway, I continued the hunt with a bulky camera in my pouch... Got a few more coins... slim pickins in this little area... Also ot a lead solgier, and a V Nickel. On my way in, I found a very nice Heavy Men's 14 K Gold Ring with 5 diamonds and some sort of a White stone any ideas? ... I am certainly on a roll this season with diamonds... But that's not the end of the story, I managed to work the Dandisk free after 2 days from the camera. I let it dry out, and plugged it into the slot in my computer.... Bam ....... It still had 152 pictures on the card... I downloaded them, and come to find out, I guess someone had tied the camera to a kite, and took some pictures.... Not to sure how they did that, I also am guessing it wasn't tied to good, or the kite dipped a little to far down, and it went into the water, and I found it over 2 years later...... The dates of the pictures were 9/11/2010... over 2 years underwater and they were still Now I know why I use Sandiisks in my Nikon D 50 & D5000.... Here are a few pictures from the camera, and of the Gold Ring from that day....The last picture is a self portrait of the guy that lost the camera I guessing? Anyone know him? If you look good, you can see the reflection of the camera in his sunglasses....we live on Cape Cod Mass  Good luck Hunting.....

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