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e280r - Device certificate corrupted

I go to play my music and I get, "Your subscription tracks have expired. Connect to your PC to renew." Not only that, but the date and time was wrong too. I plugged in my device, followed some steps for self-troubleshooting and I even formatted my device. Nothing worked!! In the corner of rhapsody is says, "Device authorized: Device certificate corrupted" even after I formatted the thing in rhapsody and playsforsure mode.


Ive also done everything in these two links that rhapsody support gave me:


I'm sure I'm not the first person to have hit this problem, but there wasnt another post to answer my problem. Anyone have any tips to solve this? I'll appreciate it greatly as I miss my music!

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Re: e280r - Device certificate corrupted

Although the previous was an older post I'm experiencing the same issue.  I've done all the formatting in both modes, firmware, pixie dust, etc.  Rhaposody support advised to keep player in plays for sure mode for track subscriptions to download to the device (Actually this works!) and that Rhapsody mode was for using the channels.




In Rhapsody mode: Certificate Corrupted error appears in Rhapsody PC client.  Tracks & Channels appear to download but are gey and unplayable on the device.


In Plays for Sure Mode:  Tracks download and are playable on the device.  Channels not permitted to download.

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Re: e280r - Device certificate corrupted

There was a period recently when one of the Rhapsody servers lost track of the licenses.


Dozens of users reported the problem on the RealNetworks board.  The Rhapsody client gave a similar message in the lower right.  After a few days, the problem was corrected.


Be sure that your R4 client is up to date.  PFS mode is a good backup plan, but I love the Rhapsody Channels too.  Try testing Rhapsody mode (MSC) by transferring a sample track from the Music Guide, and see if it transfers.


Be sure to check your other post for details too.


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Re: e280r - Device certificate corrupted

Did you ever get a fix for this?  I am having the same problem with my device (e280r)....thx