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e250R won't write firmware to recover

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Hi All, I am having a problem with my e250R. I just sent off the problem description below to, but I'm posting it here to see if this community has any other suggestions.

My e250R is not starting up correctly. It will show the initial SanDisk splash screen and then freeze there. I have tried the following:
1. Power down by holding the power button for 10-15 seconds and restart. No change or sometimes comes up in recovery mode.
2. Go to recovery mode. Plug into PC (running XP SP2). Device is recognized and shows 16MB partition with version.txt in it. Content of version.txt is:

Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
Base Code: 05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
ODM Ver.: S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
OEM Ver.: RN01.02.165-D
Build Type: -D
Build Date: 2007.04.27
Build Number: (Build 32.10)
Copied new firmware (pp5022.mi4) to 16MB partition. Used "Safely Remove Hardware" on PC to disconnect device and unplugged cable. Sansa screen shows this:

Welcome to Recovery Mode
Please connect USB cable

USB cable connected
Enter USB2.0 MSD mode

Safe to Disconnect USB
Exit USB2.0 MSD mode

Reading main image
writing main image

There is nothing else after "writing main image", no matter how long I wait. There is NO "time taken X sec." message.

3. Restart in recovery mode. Created an empty file called "Sansa.fmt" and copied it to the 16 MB partition. After disconnecting, the Sansa says "formatting... Upgrade finished Resetting the system". It then resets, but gets stuck at the SanDisk splash screen again.

4. Repeating step 2 (firmware load) after the format does the same thing.
Is there anything else that I can do to recover this system?



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Re: e250R won't write firmware to recover

 i meet the same issue !!!! somebody help plz

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Re: e250R won't write firmware to recover

If it won't take a new firmware file its probably just a dead player.