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e250R questions: video and playlists on 2GB microsd card

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My wife wanted an iPod.  instead i got her a refurb e250R from for $35.  she calls it the "not pod".  it works fine but she's been wanting to put video on it.  last weekend she got a 2GB microsd card for mother's day.  the idea is to use the microsd card to hold the video.  now it's my job to figure out how to make this work.  imagine my disappointment to discover that the sansa media converter (SMC) seems to have no capability to put anything on the microsd card.  am i mistaken?


the SMC was able to copy the video to the internal memory and the player is able to view the video this way.  once the video had been copied to the player, i put the player in MSC (Rhapsody) mode and tried copying the video directly to the microsd card.  The copy succeeded but the player won't recognize the video is there.  i tried copying the video file directly to the root of the microsd card and also inside of a VIDEO directory (that i created) but neither worked.  The video file I used is just the plain old bear.wmv sample that ships with windows vista.  the SMC converted it to a quicktime movie.


at this point i was annoyed that the video won't play off of the microsd card but i wasn't ready to give up yet.  i think to myself that it would be easy enough to just use the internal memory for video and copy all of her music to the microsd card.  so i do this and reboot the player.  all of her songs show up in the player but none of her playlists are there.  this is not acceptable.


i need a way to either put video on the microsd card (preferred) or to get playlists to work on the microsd card.


it seems that when i copy playlists from windows media player that it only works properly when the player is in MTP (Plays For Sure) mode.  but in this mode Windows media player does not recognize the existence of the sansa.


also, when i use MSC mode to just copy files to the sansa, windows media player doesn't want to acknowledge their existence.  why not?  this is very annoying.


maybe i should have just bought her an ipod or a zune.  this thing is a nuisance.  please restore my confidence in sansa.

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Re: e250R questions: video and playlists on 2GB microsd card

I would also like to know how to put playlist on my 2GB microsd card so that my e260r will recognize them?
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Re: e250R questions: video and playlists on 2GB microsd card

the e200r does not read video files from the micro sd card, you can try to move your music files to the memory card and put the videos into your sansa