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Sansa e270R

I inherited a Sansa e270R.  I ve been able to transfer songs from my pc to the Sansa using Windows Media Player.  However, I am not able to view all the songs on the Sansa in Windows Media Player.  When I click on the Sync tab and see my Sansa on the left side of the screen, then click on Songs, the folder is empty.  I only see songs when I click on the Sync Results; and those are only the songs that I have transfered from my PC to the Sansa.


Also, I've gone to My Computer, then clicked on the Sansa, then the PPI NAND folder, then the Music folder.  I've made sure that the hidden folders are shown by F10, Tools, Folder Options, View and clicking on show hidden folders.  However, not all the music on the Sansa shows up under this Music folder.


Can anyone please help me to view all the songs on the Sansa?  I hoping that once I can view all the songs on the Sansa, I will be able to Delete any songs on it that I do not want.


Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.



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Re: Sansa e270R

i had the same problem, you have to access your device using rhapsody, then you can see and modify your files.