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Sansa E260R - subscription issue then message oxcood2772

I have a Sansa E260R.  My computer's operating system is Window Vista 34


Periodically I have a "Please renew subscription issue".


I do not use my sansa for music (strange I know).  I use it for audio books which I download from a library internet site.  I am within my 3 week subscription.  I use Overdrive Media Console program to download from the website then transfer to my Sansa.


I can usually resolve this issue by resetting the clock on my sansa - sometimes it gets off time. - Daylight savings time etc.  But this time I needed to update Firmware.  - Go to, click on support and follow directions.


But that creates a new problem:

I either get one of two messages

The format of this title is not compatible with the SandDisk Sansa... - this usually means that I'm in Rhapsody mode and need to switch to Plays For Sure. - No problem - switch Modes under settings


The bigger problem message: When I change to mode plays for sure I get the  Error Code OXC00D2772


I have tried updating Firmware

I have tried deleting all my books and re-transferring


I have tried reformatting my sansa.

I updated my Windows Media Player and its Security upgrade


A few months ago I had this same problem and I found a solution that worked - deleting the wmd file on my sansa (Go to Computer on the start menu of my computer, then click on The Sansa , click on PPI Nand.  I think it was in this directory somewhere.


There was no WMD file this time.


Make sure you disconnect your sansa from time to time - so it can reset.


Well I started out with a question, because I still couldn't transfer my files due to the OXC00D2772 error message.  But while I was listing the last 2 error messages that have been recurring for the last 3 hours. - I had to disconnect my sansa to change the mode to Plays For sure - and it restarted the device. (Although I have been restarting the device several times today, some magic or some combination of the above worked.  I now can transfer my audiobooks again.  Hallelujah!!!


I will still post this because it was difficult to find the above solutions all in one place.  And since I have had this problem at recurring points in time, it might help someone else.

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Re: Sansa E260R - subscription issue then message oxcood2772

I had the problem again and found my instructions incomplete  So here are the instructions from  Mys sansa is an e200 series


Update firmware:  Go to and find out if my sansa has new software to download. - Actually just registering with this forum - brought up a message board reminding me to download new software

METHOD 1 - Using Sansa Firmware Updater
1. If it's not installed yet, download and install the Sansa Firmware Updater.
2. Switch the USB Mode on your device to MSC (e200v1 and e200v2) or Rhapsody (e200R).
3. Connect your Sansa e200 to the PC.
3a. Assuming there's a new firmware available, the following message will appear on your lower right taskbar. Click on the balloon message.


Follow the instructions on the pop up screens.

Don't forget to shut down your sansa and your computer

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Re: Sansa E260R - subscription issue then message oxcood2772

I have an E200R Sansa mp3 player.  It still won't allow me to download my library books.  All of a sudden, I get the message Please renew subscription.  My library book has not expired for that book.  I tried everything listed above and nothing is working.  When this happened a month ago.  Some combination worked.  But I've tried everything listed in my original post.


I've clicked on reset all - everything is deleted

I've updated firmware

I couldn't find a wmd file this time.

I've switched between plays for sure and rhapsody.


Why does this keep happening and can anyone help me?