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My E260R won't turn on with the on/menu button

I have a E260R. About a month ago it started to act erratic when I turned it on by switching back and forth between music, voice, settings etc.  I finally managed to get it to turn off and now it won't turn on with the on button; but, when I plug it into my computer it gets recognized and starts charging as it normally would.  I can also access the folders from my computer.  Can anyone give me some advice. I've never updated the firmware.  Thank you.  Mike


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Re: My E260R won't turn on with the on/menu button

It doesn't sound good, but there are a couple things you can try:


First before anything else, try resetting it. Press the power button for a good 20 - 30 seconds. Release, and see if it will start up normally. If there's no change, you'll have to do a litlle surgery on the patient.


Remove the 4 small screws from the back (don't lost them) and take the back plate off. You should see the battery. It just sits in there like a cell phone battery. Take it out. Leaving it out for a few minutes will allow any residual memory bits to dissipate in case it happens to be "stuck". This is kind of like a "hard" reset, but before you put the battery back in, delve in a little further.


With the battery removed, you should now see 4 more tiny screws, Removing them will allow you to gently pry the front face plate from the skeletal frame. I find it's easiest to start at the bottom 30-pin port and slowly work my way around, using my fingernail or a small flat tool like a nail file to pry up as you go.. Careful when you get to the HOLD switch on the top of the unit near the headphone jack as you'll want to make a mental note of how this (separate) piece fits in so you can get it in right when re-assembling.


Now you should be able to see the actual switch/button on the circuit board that is under the plastic power button you press when the unit is assembled. Look around here (and the underside of the face plate too) and see if there's any schmutz, lint, dust, etc. There's liable to be some. I would take this opportunity and use some canned compressed air (the stuff you can can at office supple stores to clean computer keyboards, etc.) and blow everything out that I could and maybe even get some aerosol electrical contact cleaner and spray that around as well.


Carefully put it back together (replacing all the screws) and see what happens. You may have fixed it, or you may have done nothing at all except give it a good cleaning inside, but given how good these older models are it's worth a shot.


If you can't revive it, you might be able to sell it on eBay to someone looking for a DOA unit to salvage parts from. Or if you can get it to turn on by plugging it into a computer or a USB charger, you may still be able to use it, although it may be a bit more inconvenient. Does it turn off with the power button?