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Griffin PowerDock

I just bought my e250R bundled with a Griffin PowerDock for one price.  The dock has a USB port for data for both power and data sync with my PC.  It also has an audio out jack for my speakers.  Is there any way I can have it docked and still play music through my speakers?  When its docked, I just says connected to the PC, but doesn't permit any listening.  If it is playing a song and I dock it, for a brief second, the sound coming out of the speakers is awesome, but then it goes into the "Connected" state again and doesn't permit me to listen.  If I unplug the USB cable, the doc then is not getting any power so the audio jack doesn't work either.  If I unplug the speakers from the dock and into the headphone jack on the e250R, I then get sound, but not at the amplification as I did for that brief moment from the dock.  Can anybody answer my question on this?  Thanks!
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Re: Griffin PowerDock

I just looked at that dock.  It looks like you can use a RAZR or Blackberry chargers into the dock to use it with speakers.
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Re: Griffin PowerDock

i got the dock with the package too! u can buy a USB AC power adapter to charge your player and listen to music at the same time