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Adding music to my micro sd card

I have finally filled up my Sansa e200r with music and now want to add music to a micro sd card so that it can be used in my e200r, but have no idea how to do this.  Any help or instructions would be appreciated.  I also just purchased a Sansa Fuze for my wife and will probably be adding music to a micro sd card for her.  I hope the process is the same for both mp3 players.



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Re: Adding music to my micro sd card

As the 'R' or Rhapsody unit is essentially a v1 variant model of the e200 series, you must transfer files to the card (inserted in the player) in MSC (Rhapsody) mode by dragging & dropping from your computer to the card. No MTP (Plays for Sure) mode or 'syncing' allowed. You can also do it with the card in a separate card reader.


This explains why owners of the early e200 series predominently use MSC mode vs. MTP. It gets real confusing if you've transferred your music to the player's internal memory in MTP and have to use MSC for the card. It makes much more sense to do it all in MSC.