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e280 won't connect properly in MTP mode

I am running Windows XP Pro 2002 sp2
firmware 1.02.07a

Whenever I try to connect my e280 via MTP, my computer starts to trip out. It shows the "found new hardware - MTP storage device" every five seconds, and the sansa doesn't show up under My Computer at all. When I go into Rhapsody it isn't recognized, and I can't get WMP to see it either. There's 889 songs stored on my sansa that I can't access for some reason when it's in MSC mode.

When I try to get on MSC everything (except the 889 songs...) shows up fine, even in Rhapsody, and I can add and delete songs, barring the 889 I mentioned previously.

So I can't touch half the memory usage of my sansa, can't delete the songs or add new ones in because MTP mode isn't working. It seems like my cpu is having trouble recognizing the sansa, but it didn't used to be a problem.

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Re: e280 won't connect properly in MTP mode

you should update your firmware 1.02.18 is the latest.
for your MTP issue see Narse's post
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Re: e280 won't connect properly in MTP mode

Welcome Hot_Slice to the Sansa Community Forums!

2 possible solutions...

Sounds like it may be a Code 10 - Power Issue.  If it is, it can be resolved by making sure the sansa is connected to a rear usb port.

The other, sounds like you have WMP10.  A different solution to your issue, is to upgrade to WMP11.  Once you do so, you should be able to see all the content on the player in MSC Mode.