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e280 still going strong

Kudos to SanDisk! 


I bought this in July 2007 and use it almost nightly on an Altec Lansing inMotion iM413 speaker system. It works great after all these years, (just had it's 8th birthday) with one minor repair; the display went blank and I found out about the display cable plug to the mainboard may become loose issue here on these forums and fixed it myself.


I am very happy with it's sound quality and feature set. I sometimes have it repeat play the same album or the same song throughout the night and sleep like a baby. I transfer the system to the bathroom to listen while I am in the shower (so no one needs to hear my singing) and rock to the tunes or even listen to an audiobook while I am unable to read.


I also own an 8GB Fuze, and an 8GB Clip Sport. I use the Fuze in my work vehicle that I drive through the day and listen while driving,and use Bose in ear headset while walking and shopping or working around the house out of range of the speaker set with the e280, and the Sport while working out (which is less than it ought to be LOL).


Thanks SanDisk for such great Sansa products.