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e280 blue ring of death

the ring lights up but nothing else does.  no sound,  no screen, no fun.  the pc doesn;t even recognize there is an mp3 hooked up to it.


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Re: e280 blue ring of death

Try Recovery Mode first, as shown here.


If Recovery Mode Works (the display lights, and the Sansa appears in Windows Explorer as the 16MB FORMAT icon), you may simply need to reload the firmware.


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE use the Windows Format command while the 16MB FORMAT partition is open.  If you do, you'll have a need for the e200tool application.


Go to the Firmware Thread for the e200v1 (unless you have an e200R), and download the firmware library, and unzip it.    Double click on the 16MB FORMAT partition to open it. Then, drag and drop both the PP5022.mi4 and BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom files into the 16MB FORMAT partition.


If you wish to format the Sansa at this point, starting new, right-click and select New Folder.  Rename this folder sansa.fmt and place it in the partition (this folder will command the Sansa to format itself).


Right-click and select Eject.


Also, before venturing into more involved repairs, you can remove the metal back of your Sansa, and remove the battery for a moment, then reinstall.  This can work!


While you have that back removed, a blue screen can also be caused if the Sansa cannot read the memory, if the daughterboard isn't firmly plugged in.  Gently press downward on the grey foam block above the battery, and listen for a soft click.