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e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

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Have not connected e280 in awhile...just listened to it. Connected tonight with plans to move an audio book mp3 onto it.


At connect, Sansa updater said new manual, new firmware, and new Updater sfw. I said go. All went OK. Now have 3.01.16a on it, and the music was retained (during a previous update, it all disappeared). Have no idea where the manual went, but here is the new strangeness (VISTA OS)...


In MTP mode, there is no folder appearing in Computer folder!!!

In MSC mode, there are drives F: SANSA E200P, and G: REMOVABLE DISK .

The following folders are there in F:







(files) MTABLE.SYS, RES_INFO.SYS, SYS_CONF.SYS, version.sdk


Clicking on G: brings a dialog to insert a disk, so I assume that's the slot. None of the folders in F: show any content whatsoever, so where is the music that is still on there?


Did the firmware update blow up the MTP connection? What do I do? How do I get MTP back? How do I copy the audio book onto the player? (I put the music on with WMP v11, but was planning to just direct copy the audio book when all this happened).


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Re: e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

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You are correct, your G: drive is your microSD expansion slot.


It sounds like the player was in MSC mode when you used WMP to sync the music.


I think if you drag and drop the audiobook files while it is still in MSC all will be well. If it aa format, put it in the AUDIBLE folder, else put it in Music. Then Safely Remove Hardware and disconnect, and your player should refresh its database, thus organizing your files.


I think if you switch back to MTP mode and sync with WMP, it will create a Music folder under MTP mode.


It is confusing if you do not always sync in the same mode. If you want MTP mode, format your player and start over.


I hope this helps.


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Re: e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

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I'm assuming that since you don't see any of your files, while in MSC mode, you were previously using MTP.


When you updated the firmware, the default USB setting should change to MTP mode.  It's a quirk of the MTP protocol that files transferred in MSC are not visible while in MTP, and vice versa.


On the device, let's try to force an MTP connection by selecting Settings > USB Mode > MTP.


For your audiobook MP3, use WiMP to transfer the files.  I would separate them from your music by changing the genre in the audiobooks, so you can group them together.


MTP mode transfers data to the Sansa in packets, much safer than MSC in the event of a lost connection (a pulled USB plug).  You don't have to worry about unmounting the device following transfers ( "safely remove device" ).


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the uber cool Podcast / audiobook function of the Fuze and Clip will find its way to the e200.


Oh, and with the v2, you have Audible support, meaning you will need MTP mode and the Audible Manager for loading books from their service.  I love Audible and Chapter Mode.


Let me know if the device is being recognized in MTP mode following the manual switch.  If not, we'll have to go on a tour-de-Vista.


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Re: e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

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As I said in the initial post, in MTP mode, no folder nor any indication of the sansa'S existence appears in 'Computer.'


The Sansa Updater icon appears in the notification area (a much better name than system tray, don't you think?). However, opening it and attempting an update causes an error that "device is in MTP mode. It can be updated only in MSC mode."


As a side comment, this MSC/MTP business is very user unfriendly. I think a better implementation would be in order. Not being able to see your files on the device no matter what mode you select is pretty bad.


And for the update business, why doesn't it just put the device in the right mode, do the update, then return it to the mode it was in to begin with? Duh.

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Re: e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

Bump.  Still need help with this.
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Re: e280. MTP-no folder shows. MSC shows no music.

My Sansa Clip is suddenly not displaying any content even though when I plug it into my Toshiba laptop, there's about 5 hours of podcasts there.


I went to Settings - USB and saw that it's set to "Autodetect". I switched to the other selections, and neither one shows content.