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e260 Can't delete, etc.

Ok, so I bought it refurbished and it was only the player and plug in the box, no disc or anything else.  I plugged it up to my computer and nothing happened.  So I came here and downloaded the manual.  Not only did the computer not recognize it, the computer didn't even know there was anything plugged up.  So I came back here and downloaded the firmware.  Now I can put my music on my player.  I read a thread where someone asked about the files not showing up and the reply was that the music files on the player don't show up on the computer.  Fine.  Supposedly I should be able to delete things from the computer, but there's nothing there...if it's the music files don't show up thing, that's ok.  But I'm supposedly also able to delete on the player directly, and there's no option for that.  I feel like an mp3 dummy.  So now what do I do?
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Re: e260 Can't delete, etc.

What version player do you have? V1's cannot delete music on the player. V2's can.


I assume then, that after you updated the firmware, the computer is recognizing your player?


As far as the music files showing on the player, but not on your computer, are you 1.) connecting in MSC mode and 2.) have you set Windows to "show hidden files and foldders" while your player is connected?


Everybody feels like an "mp3 dummy" when they get their 1st player. There's a learning curve you've got to negoiate is all. Everyone here is still learning things about these little buggers! Smiley Wink