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Re: e250 music is disapearing

Awwwwwww!  I was afraid you might suggest formating  :-D  Ok, this sounds like a weekend project. 

Should I leave the mem card in the player when I format or should I format the card as well?


I'll give it a go and if it doesn't work out, just gonna buy a new one; I need more space anyway.  Thanks for all your help.



A side note that might give readers a laugh....

Waaaaay back when I had my 1gb player I was having some major issues so I called tech support & spoke to a guy with a super thick accent.  We could barely understand each other!  He told me to simply format the player and at the time I had no idea what formatting was.

I trusted this guy because I figured he was in front of a huge manual or a computer loaded with Sansa info.  So I formatted--thinking that formatting was some kind of configuration term.  


In a way I right--the darn thing configured ALL music right into no where!  I was basically in tears trying to figure out what music I had on the player.



And now I gotta do it with 4 gigs worth of music!  Wait, this story isn't funny at all!  :-D

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Re: e250 music is disapearing

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Why don't you hold off on formatting the card. It seems the files giving you trouble are on the unit itself, aren't they?
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