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can't load pics on e250

When I go to load pics on the e250 the media converter tells me that there's no available player.
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Re: can't load pics on e250

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Welcome to the forum AmySG!

Theres a couple ways we can approach this.

1. We can convert pictures anyway and just drag and drop them onto the player itself. Dropping them in the Pictures folder if im not mistaken(possibly the Photo Folder, not 100% sure) The pictures appear in My Documents>Sansa Media Converter b default

2. If you have ArcSoft's version of Sansa  Media Converter(SMC) then we can uninstall it and remove it from teh registry and reinstall it. I've seen that help a couple times. But honestly in my personal opinion, doing what #1 referred to is a lot less of a hassle.


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