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Will someone please provide firmware update for e280 v 1?

I want to know if it is necessary to update firmware on the e280 v1? My player has been having problems. I was thinking perhaps it is due to out of date firmware. I have noticed many postings that talk about firmware update, but these postings are so old. Seriously from 2007 and 2008. Some of the links in these postings don't even work anymore. I would like a current link that will tell me the steps on how to update, if necessary, my e280. There is no v1 or v2 next to the model number on the back of my player, so I have to assume it is a v1. Thanks. Smiley Happy
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Re: Will someone please provide firmware update for e280 v 1?

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Go to the first page  of the Sansa E200 forum and look at the threads in a darker color, also known as the stickies, and look very very carefully and see if you can find the one that is very cleverly hidden right near the top. Hint: It says firmware download and instructions. 


What's on the back of your unit doesn't matter. What matters is what's inside. Look at Info/Firmware Version. There's a sticky to explain that, too. 



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Re: Will someone please provide firmware update for e280 v 1?

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And depending on what the problems are that you are experinecing, updating the firmware may or may not help. Is it (or they) something that just came on recently, or has the player had these 'problems' from the git-go?


Look at your firmware version and tell us that number and the issues you're having. Maybe somebody can help you.



EDIT: I just took a look at the other thread you started . . . you have a v1 model with the orginal firmware that it came from the factory with. You definitely need to update it.


But . . . I doubt very seriously if this is going to solve your issues with not being able to delete your audiobooks and/or freezing on the Settings screen. I'd tackle this problem before bothering to update the firmware. You can always do that when (or if) you resolve this issue.


It has happened before that when weird, unexplainable things start happening to a v1 model player, it is a result of the memory chip inside becoming dislodged from the circuit board. Take a look at this post (and the picture) and read the entire thread, both before and after the linked-to post to familiarlize yourself with the problem and solution. Bsically it involves taking the back off of the player and re-seating that memory chip. A gentle, but firm press is all that's needed; it's not rocket science but you should read through the thread just so you aren't intimidated by it. It's really pretty simple.


Cross your fingers (and toes), click your heels together 3 times and repeat, "There's no player like SanDisk, there's no player like SanDisk" over and over, listen for a little click while you press on the chip. Put'er back together and see what happens. Hopefully it will work the way it's supposed to and you'll be a happy Sansanier. Smiley Happy

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