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Video lock-up when going from v1.02.18a to ... 24a, but way-fast data loading f/music!

I am in the midst of trying to get one of my two identical players back to the previous firmware

version, as upon checking out loading a new video through Media Converter right after the

new Updater revision and then its new Firmware revision; the movie playing contiued to lock things

up ...... even running the demo-mode movie. I got the e280 (v1). I took off the screws quick, snapped

out the battery, as the screen when through changes and I was a bit apprehensive. Light faded with

spots left behind, soon there was only a black glow. Thankfully it booted right back after reconnecting

the battery, and even to my last visited music file, ha!

Now I know about the "12-15 second button-holding" to soft-boot, but I was sweatin' it! I think I must

have held it for only 11.5 seconds, hahahah. 

I pretty much like these two e280's I got, so don't want to lose one altogether! The one I updated is

the one I wanted for videos too, so I am not sure if I will change the media or reverse the firmware update?

I found a way to reach the archives my own way until they might manage to offer them up to everyone

in a more conventional way, as I am kinda desperate here. So now I got both the old and the new zip

firmware's on my HDD. I used the same web-pathline that takes you to the .. / file and just changed the "24" at the end to "18" (, then pasted that whole thing in a new

browser page. Thankfully it was still hiding on their server, and to my surprise it indeed started to d'nld. !!! 

I may try in a second to use the old fasioned way of reinstalling the "18a" firmware, manually, but wanted

to get this off as it seems this new release may have just come out and people might be caught with their

pants down .......... God forbid, ha! I was!

Do like very much though that the new one takes next to no time at all to load the database into action for

a very quick start-up, for a player that is loaded to the hilt!

Enjoy! Hope this helped the distressed, until reformation is at hand!

Jeff in TX

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Re: Video lock-up when going from v1.02.18a to ... 24a, but way-fast data loading f/music!

Here is the rest of how to perform the downward update, guess you call it a "downdate", *S*.

BTW, it worked, I am very comfortably back to v01.02.18a, and my videos are once again "..making it through the chase scene" ........ are you feeling lucky punk? hahahah 


1. Once downloaded, extract the .zip file into a folder
 (take note to remember where you saved it).
2. Next, change the device's mode from MTP to MSC by going
 to "Settings" then "USB Mode", then selecting MSC.
3. Next, connect the device to the computer and it should
 show up with a drive letter. In the root directory of the
 Sansa e200v1, add the firmware files you just extracted
 from the zip.
4. Once its been added, disconnect the device, it will then
 say that it is upgrading the firmware. It will eventually
 turn off. Once it turns off, turn it back on, and it should
 ask you for a language to select. Once the language is chosen,
 head to Settings > Info and verify that the "Version" is the
 same as the latest verstion, mentioned above.


to all of you, may God Bless and good fortune to you.

Jeff in TX "The Home ComputerGuy®" of Tarrant County, the D/FW area of Texas.

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Re: Video lock-up when going from v1.02.18a to ... 24a, but way-fast data loading f/music!

Thank you!!!

I have wanted to roll back to 18a ever since I installed 23a -- firmware which Sansa posted in Feb. '08, subsequently marked as "beta," and then removed.  24a fixes nothing particularly useful (I have not encountered the bugs in the release notes list).  It never occurred to me to change the file name on the download URL! 

Also, manual install works great -- no hassles, and you don't have to have the updater running 24/7 on your pc, waiting for an update that might never occur again.  I uninstalled the updater a week after I got the Sansa. 

The following is for the search index: 

sansa firmware archive 101.02.18a (change the filename to get the version you're looking for)
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Re: Video lock-up when going from v1.02.18a to ... 24a, but way-fast data loading f/music!

You are most welcome Mr. Pink Floyd "CN" *S*

Like I said, when I saw it actually downloading what I was actually after, well, ..... one happy puppy!

The video was playing good, then I took out some files and now it is bad again? Figure that, hmmm? So for now I am kinda tired and disappointed, but sometimes sleeping on the problem helps. My brain will sometimes come up with something on the plus side after the unconcious part of me gives it a whirl, hahaha.

Really nice we got it back for you. What puzzles me most is sometimes the two videos that even came

with this initially, the demo mode one and the, oh ya, Revelation one. They worked good right after I reverted to the older version, and then I removed a couple files and they lame-out again. Ouch. I may have to give

Rockbox a try, eh? Knowing me I will not feel complete until I got it figured. I got this darned perfection thing in my brain and can't ever shake it ........ maybe it is just bordom disguising itself as perfection, hahahaha.

A guy has to do something to use up time, hahaha

Anyway, happy you are happy! Plus, I think the reason my other Sandisk is going slow upon start-up, is

because it has a 2 GB mini-SD in it. Now that one runs the vids great. Oh, ya, Revelation has sound on

that one too, but not the other that I updated and reverted, probably goofed it up? Hmmm? We'll, see. If I

find something I will of course come back and share!

Jeff in TX

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Re: Video lock-up when going from v1.02.18a to ... 24a, but way-fast data loading f/music!

I sure want to thank you for the rollback. I'm completely new to mp3 technology and application. I'm an old audiophile that just hates thinking of giving up what has been comfortable for soooooo long. LOL


I bought the Sansa e250 v1 for my wife and just got it and started following the manual and did the update and have be a day and a half trying to figure out why nothing seemed to work and all I could get was error messages.


You have renewed my motivation to at least go forward in this new world.


Thanks again!