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The Blue ring of Death?

My Sansa e260 fell on the floor and when i try to turn it on only the blue ring lights up. WHAT DO I DO?
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Re: The Blue ring of Death?

Use the search box to find a thread with the exact same name.


There are userful instructions near the top of the first page, from Misha, and at the very end, from chasen. 

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Re: The Blue ring of Death?

Chances are either the battery lost contact during the jar, or the daughterboard got knocked loose from the motherboard. Either way, it's a simple fix. Take the 4 screws out. Don't drop them on the floor; you may never find them again! Check the battery connections; it's like a cell phone battery.


If that doesn't help, then check this post out. Photo & explanation courtesy of AutobahnSHO, fellow Guru & all-around nice guy. Smiley Happy