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Solved a problem with song visibility in WMP10

After a year of no issues with my Sansa e250, I suddenly found that my songs were no longer visible from within Windows Media Player 10.  I had only tmp, PHOTO, VIDEO, and RECORD folders.  I WAS able to see everything in Windows Explorer, however.  I had noticed others posted the same problem but all the fixes suggested to those posters did not seem to work.


Here is how I stumbled on fixing this:  I went to the Windows Explorer view of the Sansa. I noticed then that the MUSIC, PICTURES, and PLAYLIST folders had their HIDDEN attribute checked. I unchecked it in each case, and voila! ...everything was visible again!  To fix this yourself in Windows Explorer view, right click on each of the folders in the right hand pane of Windows Explorer.  Under properties, uncheck the HIDDEN attribute box.


I have no idea what caused this, other than the fact that I had recently updated Sansa firmware to 01.02.18A.  Not sure if that was related to it or not.

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Re: Solved a problem with song visibility in WMP10

Yes, thanks for clearing this up. I have no idea why they make it hidden. But you are quite right, they hide the MUSIC folder.