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Sansa e250 deleted on Mac - how to restore?



I tried to format my Sansa e250 with Mac OS X. Unfortunately, it seems that I did format the whole Player - both partitions (the 16 mb one and the one for music).

I just changed to Mac, and while using Windows, it was no problem to format the player (the second drive was never shown in Windows... So I didn't knew about it before deleting it ;-).


Now, the player won't show anything on it's display, it just stays black after turning on (but the blue wheel is glowing). Even the recovery modus doesn't work. Mac OS X doesn't find the player at all, and Windows

XP also shows an undefined USB-Drive - without the chance to install it / get access.


What can I do?!





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Re: Sansa e250 deleted on Mac - how to restore?

Search for the Blue Ring of Death thread.