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SOLVED: Manipulating Play Lists w/o Rhapsody or WMP

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I use my e270 for audio books, not music. I'd like my own play lists in place of the useless playlists that come pre-installed in \SYSTEM\PLAYLIST (For example: Dinner Music.dat; Diner Music.ext; Dinner Music.rjp)


Does anybody have the file formats for .dat .ext and .rjp files so I can create them for my own playlists?


I am assuming I can just delete the existing playlist files since I have already deleted all the existing tunes that came preloaded. I am opening the e270 as a folder in XP and drag/dropping mp3 files into folders I created on the e200. I'm not using Rhapsody or Window Media Player or any such software.


.dat seems to consist of the single line "type=5"

.rjp looks exactly like a .plp except the first field is "HDD" instead of "HARP". Anybody know what that means?

.ext has a bunch of long numbers delimited by semicolons.


One oddity I haven't solved is that even though the tunes in \SYSTEM\Music have all been deleted, their titles still show in the playlists even though that text is nowhere to be found in the SYSTEM folder.


Thanks for any insight.



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Re: SOLVED: Manipulating Play Lists w/o Rhapsody or WMP

For reference in case anyone else needs to do this:


Connect and open the Sansa as a folder from your PC.

Files in \SYSTEM\PLAYLIST (on the Sansa) can be deleted. This removes all the playlists except "On The Go".

With the Sansa disconnected from your PC, add some songs to your "On The Go" playlist.

Reconnect. Then copy the \PLAYLISTS\On The Go.plp file (found in the dirctory "PLAYLISTS" at the root) to your PC.

Rename it on your PC to whatever you want a new playlist to be called.

Drag and drop your songs to the Sansa into whatever folders you created for them.

Then put the song filenames (full pathnames) into the plp file following the same format as the original songs.

You can do this with any text editor.

Then copy the new file back (into PLAYLISTS folder at the root) and you will have a new playlist with whatever name you gave to the plp file.


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Re: SOLVED: Manipulating Play Lists w/o Rhapsody or WMP

Innovative!! Smiley Happy


Too bad Im just plain lazy...  Smiley Happy

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