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Read Me Before Posting!

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Kudos to ComfortablyNumb;
Very, very few problems are new to this forum.  Most of them have been answered.  Here's how to find an answer without having to post and wait: 
  1. Read the e200 Users Guide.  If this doesn't answer your question --
  2. Read through the Faqs and Stickies at the top of the first page of the forum.  If this doesn't answer you question --
  3. Use the search box at the top of this, and every, page.  Try a couple different searches if the first one doesn't turn up what you're looking for.  If this doesn't answer your question --
PLEASE POST!!  This forum is a great crew -- but 99% of all questions have been asked many times, and of these, 92% have been solved (I did the math). 
(thank you clu for this suggestion)  When you post, please put three or four words about the problem in the subject line.  A subject line such as "E280 HUGE PROBLEM HELP ME PLEASE!!!" may get ignored by the people who could help you. 
Also, tell us what device you've got, whether it's version 1 or 2, and the firmware version (it's in settings/info). 
Thanks and good luck!

Best Regards,
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